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The Sweetheart


     These photographs convey moments of womanhood. Women have historically been viewed at as a homemaker, housewife, or in the words of Simone de Beauvior’s, The Second Sex, as the “other.” A box has been placed over the female through four walls and a glass ceiling. This ultra-domesticated female archetype that has lived throughout history perpetuates concepts of gender and gender roles that are not completely accurate. In the world we live in today women are simultaneously gaining momentum and losing ground. This body of art works through themes of female repression and seclusion by examining the reoccurrence of familiar objects, womanlike representation, and domestic motifs. 


     The Sweetheart convey's this perspective through the utilization of a 4x5 large format camera and black and white film. There is an intimacy brought to the project through the point of view that is acquired through the medium, over which the artist has labored over the process. Large format photography creates a unique opportunity to have complete control of the subject matter in front of the lens. Thus, when looking at these photos, one is confronted with the perspective of the photographer. The Sweetheart addresses a personal relationship to “feminine” happenings through photographic construction and documentation. 

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